“My biggest challenge is building my audience”

That's a quote from one of our customers, and it's something we hear a lot.

You need an audience. It's what motivates you. You want everybody to hear you, and get what you do.

But it's complicated. You tried every tool out there and they all suck. They're outdated, not focused on audio content producers, spammy, or just too complicated.

You've got a bunch of free accounts and you always end up posting on social networks. Your posts don't reach your fans because of dumb algorithms. Worse: Your most loyal fans don't get news from you.

You were looking for a tool to help you grow your audience. You were looking for a tool to promote your productions, to your fans and to your contacts in the music business.

If that's the case, you're going to love Mopro.io.

Mopro.io is forward thinking music marketing.

How much more time could you spend on creating kick-ass content if the tools were working for you?


  • You could sustainably grow your audience
  • You could nurture a loyal relationship with your fans
  • You could reach influencers and get feedback
  • From only one place...
  • ...so you could focus more on creating

Mopro.io is built by label managers, DJs, and radio hosts. People like you.

That's why we designed Mopro.io from the ground up to help you achieve the success you deserve

When you use Mopro.io, you use a tool that enables you to:

  • Capture fans with state-of-the-art widgets
  • Reach influencers with a digital promo delivery service
  • Quickly send mobile-friendly mailings, that won't get filtered by social-media algorithms

Let Mopro.io take away the worry & hassle of your promotion. Our sole purpose, nay, our mission, is to ease your way to getting more and more heard.

We pride ourselves in building hand-crafted, organic software that provides you with an experience unlike any other music marketing software you've used.

We are in the same boat as you. What we want for our label or our artistic activities, we build it into Mopro and make it available for our customers.

But don't take our word for it, have a look inside and decide for yourself.

Let Mopro work its magic (for free) for 1 month. Our prices start at 9.9/month. Cancel anytime with 1 click.

Mopro.io comes with these features:

  • No installation necessary
  • No long term contracts
  • Always-on, bank-grade SSL security
  • 99.99%+ uptime
  • World-class IT infrastructure
  • Support from the people that make Mopro.io
  • 7-day free trial
  • Import your contacts from Mailchimp, Google, or a CSV file
  • Artwork Video Creator
  • Audio Clip Creator
  • Email for media widgets
  • Pain-free mailings
  • Digital Promo Delivery Service
  • 1 click account cancellation